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It's only a game

If an African player who plays for Chelsea, for example is playing in an international tournament it is unlikely that their Football Association can afford to insure him. African players in the Premiership are often valued at £25 million, and African countries just aren't used to, or have the means to, buy that kind of insurance cover. So that will often end up with the Premiership club refusing to let the African country use a star player in a tournament.

Lloyds are experts when it comes to risky adventures. A recent article on their web site commented, "Whichever way you look at it, owning a football club must surely be one of the riskiest commercial ventures around. How many other enterprises combine so many risks, from the high value human capital of the players right through to the complex public liability risks represented by a football ground filled with delirious (or disappointed) fans? On face value, owning a football club looks like a risk management nightmare! But, in reality, nearly all of the risk exposure issues that any soccer club faces are insurable - at a price."

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