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What is the CII?

What is the CII? This is the largest professional body of people working in insurance and financial planning. There are more than 125,000 CII members around the world.

‘CII’ stands for 'The Chartered Insurance Institute' and it is based in London. This page aims to answer some of the most FAQs about the CII.

How much does CII membership cost?

Membership is completely free for students at UK schools, colleges or universities - as well as for careers advisers in UK schools and colleges. This is called Discover membership. Click the link for the benefits.  

If you are not in the UK, don't worry. You can still become a CII member and get loads of benefits. Just click here for international fees. 

What are the different CII qualifications?  

There are CII qualifications at different levels.

Apprenticeships usually include a Certificate-level qualification, and sometimes a Diploma-level one.

Graduate schemes usually include an Advanced Diploma-level qualification.

For more information on the CII's insurance qualifications, click here

If you are interested in the CII's financial planning (also known as wealth management or financial advice) qualifications, click here

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