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Challenge scenario

RapidRelate - surfing the waves of a sea of risk...

  • RapidRelate is a social networking web company based in London
  • It was established at university by three friends - Sonam Jane, Kate Greenway and Jiang Lee. They are its main creative team and between them hold the secrets to their success
  • Its main users are young adults who enjoy the site's unique attractions offering:

    1. the chance to complete their own psychological profile 'type'
    2. suggested personality 'matches' with other types across the world
    3. matching their type to suggested job vacancies
    4. the ability to create different avatars to interact with others
  • Advertisers in key global brands from retail, sport and leisure are attracted by the speed at which RapidRelate has been growing - at a rate of 1 million users per month in the UK alone
  • The company wants to expand more in to the USA and Asia. Will the three friends rapidly relate their way to global dominance? Or will unforeseenrisks disconnect their operation?

How to enter

Step 1:

Research the business world of social networking. Which companies are the most successful? How do they make their money?

Step 2:

Consider the risks they face. Can you find good examples of risks affecting social networking companies? What are the expected risks?

Step 3:

Compose five risk cards. Using theĀ online entry form to compose your five risk cards. Number them according to their risk grid position.

Step 4:

Complete the cover letter. On theĀ online entry form write a short cover letter to a risk sector employer explaining what knowledge, skills and attitudes you have to offer.

Step 5:

Enter your details and submit your entry.

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