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Scenario example

A global business scenario:

Take a look at the scenario facing the organisers of a global soccer competition. Have a go at assessing the five risks that could affect them and think about where you would place them on the risk grid tool.

Ultimate Soccer League - do the rewards outweigh the risks?

  • A conglomerate of Indian business leaders has secured the rights from the International Football Federation to run the greatest sporting tournament on earth - the Ultimate Soccer League (USL)
  • The USL will build on the popularity of English Premier League matches in Asia - which regularly attract over 300 million TV viewers - to generate some $2bn for the development of the sport across Asia
  • The USL will be contested by 10 mixed teams made up of the world's top 200 soccer players
  • The tournament will take place in India over six weeks in late June
  • Will this tournament of the best of the best succeed - or will it fall foul of unforeseen challenges?

Ultimate Soccer League - risk cards

Ultimate blackout!

As the USL kicks off, India's demand for electricity soars. As usual, Delhi suffers many power cuts.

One outage causes the Delhi Dynamites vs Mumbai Titans match to be abandoned.

This costs the organisers $30m in compensation payments to angry broadcasters, advertisers and sponsors.
Crunching tackle...

A training session tackle ends with the USL's leading goal scorer being carried off on a stretcher.

The player suffers a broken metatarsal and will miss the first half of next season.

The USL organisers face a compensation claim from the player's club for $5m.
Dodgy dealing?

The soccer world is rocked by allegations of tax evasion and matchfixing involving the USL's Chairman.

The International Football Federation instigates an independent investigation into the tournament finances and suspends the USL Chairman.

No announcement is forthcoming about the future of the USL.
War of words...

A well-known terrorist group warns the 'international community' not to send their citizens to the USL just before the launch.

10 days after the start, three unexploded devices are found outside a USL stadium.

The Brazilian and Spanish Football Federations withdraw their players immediately.
Noise annoys...

Global TV audiences are astonished when the opening tournament is broadcast.

Not a single word of commentary can be heard due to members of the crowd playing a long pipe like instrument called the 'soccowhine'.

At ten times the decibel level of the vuvuzela it drowns out all other sound.
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