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UCL's NHFI postgraduate course: career advantage

UCL's NHFI postgraduate course: career advantage Regular readers of this site will know that the UCL Natural Hazards for Insurers (NHFI) course is open for registrations once again. If you're new to the site, read all about it here. 

This CII-accredited postgraduate programme offers students relevant insight in to the growing and important area of exposure management and catastrophe modelling. 

As UCL's unique course approaches the end of its second decade, we asked some alumni for their thoughts on how the course has helped them and their careers. This is what they said:

"I strongly believe the NHFI course has really helped me throughout my career. Learning on the job taught me a lot about catastrophe modelling and gave me a pretty deep knowledge of insurance. However, it was the NHFI course that really helped me understand the phenomena that under-pinned these models, what they are good at and what they’re not so good at. Having this knowledge gave me a really strong base to develop my questioning and influence within my organisation."
Matt Harrison
Head of Casualty Exposure Management, Hiscox

"I enrolled for the UCL Natural Hazards for Insurers course after hearing positive feedback from previous students and I was not disappointed. I have used elements of the course throughout my career and I believe it has enhanced my understanding of natural perils and their impact on insurance. These days every organisation is expected to adequately test and validate catastrophe models and justify their use in determining their own view of risk, and the NHFI course helped with the level of knowledge required to perform this task. The structure of the course does not impinge too heavily on the working week and the combination of coursework, exams and final dissertation is well balanced."
Steve Gentili
Head of Exposure Management, Cathedral Underwriting

"The NHFI course provided a solid grounding in natural perils specific to insurance, provided the opportunity to discuss topical issues with academic professionals, and developed the ability to network and create strategic contacts with peers in the market. The independent project provided the opportunity to undertake an in-depth study, of relevance to business, with input from subject matter experts."
Judith Johnston
Catastrophe Modelling Manager, MS Amlin

"I was over the moon when I moved to Markel International and they supported my interest in furthering my knowledge by signing me up for the NHFI postgraduate course at UCL. I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the course and found it possible to relate the knowledge back to my career and work. The lecturers were all different in their approach and offered insights and extra support whenever we needed. My independent project topic, on windstorms, has proved especially relevant to my current role at Markel."
Francesca Clark
Senior Catastrophe Modelling Analyst (Actuarial), Markel International

"As someone that did not have a geographical background, the NHFI course gave me the confidence to draw on scientific knowledge when communicating with colleagues. The dissertation in particular gave me a personal appreciation for the challenges that scientists face attempting to understand rare natural phenomena. The CII accreditation of the course boosted my progress towards my ACII designation. It was also an excellent networking opportunity."
Malcolm Stewart
Catastrophe Risk Manager, Sompo Canopius

"The NHFI course was a fantastic programme which provided me with a broad insight into the natural hazards that affect insurers and reinsurers today. The lecturers are all experts within their respective fields providing the world-class learning experience that is associated with UCL. Not only was the course material thorough and relevant, I was able to meet like-minded individuals making a number of useful market contacts. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to improve their knowledge on natural hazards and further develop their career within the insurance market."
Neal Quah
Assistant Underwriter, MS Amlin

"The NHFI course provided me with vital foundations and a huge breadth of knowledge on the principal natural hazards that cause losses for the insurance sector. The course had a huge variety of learning outcomes and assessments. Additionally, the dissertation module allowed me to explore an area of work which was very relevant for my current job. I would thoroughly recommend this course to those working within the insurance sector who want to leave with a solid foundation of the hazards we readily insure on a day-to-day basis."
Olivia Bailey
Underwriting Assistant (Property), Ark Syndicate Management

"The course had a nice balance between learning in-depth hazard material and connecting this into an insurance environment. It enhanced my understanding of natural hazards, which has been transferable into a number of projects at work, has helped with challenging and understanding the output from industry cat models, and expanded my knowledge when discussing hazards with underwriters.The dissertation proved extremely useful for focusing on the outcome of a ‘real world’ situation that has provided benefit to the risk management processes at the company."
Jack Blakely
Exposure Manager, Ascot Underwriting

Give your career a boost by joining UCL's NHFI 2017 intake. Places are limited.

For further information, visit or email the course director, Professor Bill McGuire at 
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