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Discover apprenticeships with the CII

Discover apprenticeships with the CII

The CII is a major global network of professionals working mostly in the finance sector but also in other sectors like education, sports, film, science and retail - after all, there are risks everywhere. 

We've also supported wealth management companies attract apprentices, often for the first time. 

It's fantastic to see former apprentices rise through the ranks to managerial and even director-level roles. 

If you want to tell your folks about the benefits of an apprenticeship our handy parents' guide does the trick. 

Or, if you just want to get closer to our sector apprenticeships and build your career sooner rather than later, take a look at our free Discover membership scheme - knowledge is power, and you get loads of high street discounts too through our Perks programme

Send us your CV and we'll send it out to sector companies which are recruiting into their apprenticeship programmes. Don't have a CV yet? Click here for some top tips.

Got a question? Email us at

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