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Any news about climate change is invariably bad news. Unlike other problems, which often go away as you examine them more closely, climate change does the opposite. The more information we have, the worse the problem appears.

The latest gloomy findings come from the bottom of the world, where new satellite data reveal an astonishing increase in the rate of ice melting in Antarctica. In the course of just five years, this has shot up threefold, from 76 billion tonnes annually, to a colossal 219 billion tonnes. In total, more than 2.7 trillion tonnes of Antarctic ice has melted in the last quarter century, adding three quarters of a centimetre to global sea level. At the new rate, however, the contribution over the next 25 years would be 1.5cm. If the rate of increase is maintained over this period, then the annual rise by 2043 would be close to a catastrophic five centimetres a year. And this is without the growing contribution from the crumbling Greenland Ice Sheet and from the expansion of sea water as the oceans warm.

Most of the current melting in Antarctica is occurring in the smaller western ice sheet, which is far less stable than it's much larger eastern sibling. If and when the entire West Antarctic Ice Sheet melts, sea levels will be 3.5m, permanently inundating all major coastal population centres and placing low lying cities like Miami tens of kilometres offshore. 

All in all, it is a far from rosy picture – most particularly for those who live or work in properties on or close to the coast and for those who insure them. The influence of climate change on coastal flooding, along with extreme rainfall, storms, and even the solid Earth are comprehensively addressed in the CII-accredited postgraduate certificate course, NATURAL HAZARDS FOR INSURERS, at UCL

The course is now approaching it's twentieth year, and has trained brokers, underwriters, analysts, cat modellers and others, from more than thirty re/insurance companies and syndicates. edited postgraduate certificate course, NATURAL HAZARDS FOR INSURERS, at UCL. 

Read some more information about the course here

Applications are now open for the October 2018 intake, with an application deadline of August 31st.

Further information and application details can be found here

If you are interested in learning more about the course or have any questions, you can contact Course Director, Prof. Bill McGuire, directly at:

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