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Special risks get hairy

London is the world centre for what we call special risks. These are a million miles away from cars, houses and holidays. Special risks can be anything from wine tasters' noses to tennis players' arms and much more.

Well, the latest special risk to reach the news wires concerns Troy Polamalu, a Pittsburgh Steelers' players in the NFL.

Troy hasn't cut his hair since 2000, to honour his Samoan ancestry, so he's got rather a lot of hair. It's perhaps his most distinguishing feature.

Troy's hair is now insured for a cool one million dollars. PR stunt or protection of brand assets? You can be the judge of that. Someone in the Lloyd's of London insurance market in London had to decide just how much that hair was worth. 

So, next time you think about a career in underwriting, or wonder what it is, you may find yourself looking at locks... 
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