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Take the one-minute survey and get your hands on our new, exclusive, low-cost membership

You're probably seen the reports where employers berate new entrants for their poor literacy and numeracy skills. Or, in other words, the employers don't think graduates can add up or write a letter.

Well, just let us know if you think you can - AND, who is responsible for making sure you have the skills that employers want.

It's your chance to have your say...just go to the survey page on the site and click the buttons that fit with you.

Are you about to start your first year at a UK uni? Or are you worried about making the right career moves in your final year? Maybe you're doing a postgrad degree.

Wherever you are in your degree studies, you can get ahead of the crowd with a new and exclusive Discover membership package for just £35. This gives you plenty of benefits and access to a whole host of data and networking opportunities. Sound interesting? Simply click here for the application form.

Thanks for your time!
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