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Discover Risk school sessions a hit

You've seen the Discover Risk campaign by looking around this site, and you have probably clicked on the news items that mention the graduate schemes that are available to you.

If you are still at school or college, you can get involved with the campaign by taking part in a Discover Risk game session.

Lasting 90 minutes, our sessions take you around the world of risk, dealing with issues as diverse as making a film, extracting oil and transporting chocolate around the globe.

Working in teams, you can build your employability skills by taking part, so why not take a look here - after playing the game you can enter our competition to win an interview for a summer placement in a risk company. That'll look rather good on your CV...

We think it's a good game, and so do others: 

"I was very impressed with the game and how it works as part of a careers session to get school children interested in our area of work." - employer supporter

"I really enjoyed the session and learned a lot which I have built into the students' next lesson. It was really good to see a couple of students, who don't usually participate in group activities, actually getting involved and discussing viewpoints." - schoolteacher

"Thank you again for delivering this highly motivating, interesting and engaging session." College Head of Business

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