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Supporting people in times of need

We have all seen and heard details of the distressing recent events in New Zealand. With scores of people dead and numerous neighbourhoods affected by the quake and aftershocks, there is a major rebuilding process under way, both psychological and physical.

People will pull together to support each other, and the risk sector plays its part too. One of the primary functions of our sector is to get people back to where they were before an incident took place - in this way, it is truly a service.

Various professionals will be involved in the clearup operation - here are just some examples of those from our sector:

Loss adjusters - they will be on scene to understand exactly what has happened, why it has happened, and will work with the other authorities such as the emergency services. Where there are major events, loss adjusters from the UK are often sent to the other side of the world to support the local staff. Loss adjusters will also, where possible, look at business interruption policies to see if a company can continue to operate from alternative premises, for example, if their primary premises cannot be used. To find out more about loss adjusters click here. Examples of companies that specialise in this area are Charles Taylor, Crawford and Cunningham Lindsey. Take a look at the employer area for more on them. 

Claims teams will of course be extremely busy - figures of around £7bn have been quoted as the cost for the risk sector following the New Zealand earthquake - but they will work through all the claims made by their policyholders following a major event like an earthquake. You can find out about what claims staff do by clicking here.

In the weeks and months following the cleanup operation, other risk professionals will play their part too. For example, risk managers will support underwriters to review and re-assess contracts made with clients. Where there is an increased risk of another major event, such as a second earthquake or other weather damage, the underwriter will take a view on how this will affect the policy they write next time around. 

In fact, every area of the risk sector will be involved in supporting those individuals and businesses that have suffered after an event. Take a look around the Discover Risk site for more on the service it provides, all over the world.

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