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Broking in the top ten for best paid jobs

Anyone considering a career in broking will be pleased to know that it's been rated the ninth best paid job in the country, according to The Guardian.

The average earnings of a broker stands at £52,982 every year. This takes into account those working as insurance and reinsurance brokers along with brokers dealing in commodities, stocks, shares and foreign exchange.

The job titles that attract this payout include insurance broker, commodity trader and financial broker, and these will be even more popular with job hunters who want an interesting and challenging career with an exceptional salary.

The data comes from the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (Ashe) which the Office for National Statistics conducts every year. However, The Guardian explains, the Ashe is concerned with full time employees that pay tax via PAYE. Those who are self-employed, for example, aren't counted and can often be earning salaries well in advance of the amounts stated. "Ashe is weak on the add-ons, bonuses, shares and goodness knows what," explains professor William Brown from the University of Cambridge's Faculty of Economics.

Many people are attracted to insurance broking careers because, aside from the generous salaries, it's a job which allows workers to use their in-depth knowledge of risks, as well as the insurance market, to make sure their client gets the very best deal possible.

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