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Record claims relating to winter water damage

Homeowners have made record insurance claims of more than £650 million, due to burst pipes and water damage this winter.

According to statistics from last year, during a 90 day period last winter, the insurance industry received claims for water damage which mounted to more than £7 million a day. However, after this winter's severe weather and with further cold snaps forecast, industry experts are preparing to make an even bigger payout.

The winter weather has caused a "silent epidemic" with thousands of households suffering extensive flooding. This could cause insurers to charge higher premiums as more homeowners claim on their insurance.

A spokeswoman for the Association of British Insurers told the Daily Express: "Last year there was £650m of damage from burst pipes and water damage due to the winter weather. That amounted to around £7 million a day in claims and it looks like this year is very likely to exceed that by some distance."

A spokeswoman for insurer Direct Line added: "We're seeing around 50 per cent more claims this year for water damage and obviously the winter's not over yet. A great deal of the claims are freeze and thaw related. The weather this year has been colder and it's been colder for longer in more parts of the country."

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