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Don't forget your make-up

Women carry an average of £256 worth of beauty products in their handbags, yet fail to include them in personal belongings insurance policies and don't think to claim for them if their bag is stolen.

According to The Daily Mail, women aged between 18 and 35 carry the most make-up with them, but older professional women aged between 35 and 44 have make-up bags that are worth the most.

"I take pretty much all my make-up with me on a Monday morning," said one respondent. "I do my make-up when I get to work so I can have longer in bed after the weekend."

As well as Monday mornings, women reported that they carry more make-up with them on a Friday, often re-applying a full face of make-up at 5pm when getting ready for a night out.

Mascara was the most popular item to carry in a handbag, with 95 per cent of women admitting they carry it around. This was followed by perfume; foundation; lip balm; concealer and moisturiser. The item least likely to be found in a bag was nail varnish, with just a third of people keeping it on them.

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