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More Apprenticeship success stories

Apprenticeship successThinking about your next steps after school? Have you thought about doing an Apprenticeship? It's a great way to build the foundations of a successful career, and they are available in the risk profession.

Here's just one example of a success story:

Caunce O'Hara & Company Ltd is an independent insurance brokerage based in Manchester. Established in 1995, Caunce O'Hara employs more than 30 brokers and places nearly £25m of insurance premium with both Lloyd's of London, and insurers.

It has recently been awarded Chartered Status by the CII - there are fewer than
60 such companies, so it's a status to be proud of.  As part of this commitment every employee has passed a professional exam, and many have progresed to high-level CII qualifications.  

Caunce O'Hara is very keen on developing the knowledge of their younger employees, whilst ensuring they meet the high standards of competence required by industry regulators. It is here that the Apprenticeship scheme has played a huge role. Not only do Apprentices obtain an NVQ but also the CII Certificate in Insurance, an industry- recognized personal accolade.

Ben Leeson has been with Caunce O'Hara for nearly three years and is one of several employees undertaking the Apprenticeship. He comments "An Apprenticeship is the
ideal way for me to obtain qualifications pertinent to my industry, whilst being able to demonstrate my insurance knowledge and broking skills on a day to day level. I am
grateful that Caunce O'Hara sees fit to invest in their staff and help them progress in their career, whilst obviously benefiting from having competent and knowledgeable staff.

Obtaining the qualification couldn't have been simpler with the help of Skills Solutions."

Lucy Bradford, a newer member of staff who is also an Apprentice, commented, "Studying for the NVQ has helped me gain a greater understanding of my everyday work, especially the technical aspects of my job. This has enabled me to feel more confident when talking to clients."

The study sessions delivered by Skills Solutions were very beneficial to me and they helped me pass both my CII IF1 and IF2 exams."

The scheme gives Caunce O'Hara employees the confidence and skills to deal knowledgeably with a company's insurance needs, whether advising on policies, or assisting in the often stressful event of a claim occurring. It has instilled a pride within staff who have been part of the Apprenticeship scheme, giving them the drive to progress their training and careers and benefit their company.

Caunce O'Hara firmly believes succession planning starts at the bottom. Thanks to the Apprentice scheme, they have a vibrant young workforce that is passionate and keen to learn whilst committing their future to the company.

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