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Volcanic Disruptions

So, areas of the UK and Northern Europe are once again under a volcanic ash cloud that has drifted from Iceland's Grimsvotn volcano. 

When Eyjafjallajökull erupted last April, 100,000 flights were cancelled and more than 10 million people were left stranded or unable to board flights.  It wasn't just an annoyance for holidaymakers though - the 2010 ash week (15-21 April 2010) cost the European economy $5bn. 

In response, many insurance companies offered policies to cover ash cloud occurrences, or offered 'add-ons' which the consumer could purchase in addition to a standard travel insurance policy. These provide assistance if you are stuck overseas and need to find accommodation or alternative means of getting home. 

This week, Champions League finalists Barcelona are already considering bringing forward their flight to London ahead of Saturday's final at Wembley against Manchester United, and US President Barack Obama flew to the UK ahead of schedule. White House deputy press secretary Josh Earnest said the decision to bring his arrival forward had been taken "due to a recent change in the trajectory in the plume of volcanic ash".

How large the economic cost of the recent volcanic eruption is currently unclear. It will certainly run into many millions of pounds.


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