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Expensive Taste

For those of you who read the Metro, you may have come across a bizarre story concerning a hospital worker, her taste buds, and a £5million policy.  Julie Booth, from Surrey, beat thousands to become head of taste at the New York Bakery Co.  Giant food market Maple Leaf own The New York Bakery brand and it presently makes over 90% of the 200 million bagels supplied to the UK retail and wholesale market.

Consequently, Julie's taste buds will now be insured for £5million which means a £150,000 a year policy for The New York Bakery Co.  The underwriter for this particular case would have had to evaluate the risk and exposure of Julie's taste buds.  This would have determined the premium that needs to be charged to insure that risk so if anything does go wrong, the Insurer will be there to help The New York Bakery Co with any financial loss.  It is no wonder then, that whilst Julie snacks on hundreds of bagels per week for the New York Bakery Co she must ensure that she avoids curry, hot drinks, cigarettes, and alcohol.

Julie is not the only person to have had her tongue insured - Gennaro Pelliccia, Costa Coffee's Chief Taster and the man responsible for ensuring the quality of the 108 million cups of Costa Coffee enjoyed in Britain and around the world each year, has had his tongue insured by the company for £10 million at Lloyd's of London.

The average tongue has approximately 10,000 taste buds which means that Costa has in effect insured each of Pelliccia's taste buds for £1,000.

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