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Oval delight in Career Academies student

This summer, Oval Insurance Broking took on a Career Academies student, Millie Cabalza, from Cardinal Wiseman School in Coventry.

"During my time working for Oval as part of Career Academy, I gained experience whilst enjoying my work. Throughout the four weeks I worked for Oval, I was busy and productive around the office. I enjoyed working for Oval for many reasons. One of them was due to the colleagues that I had - the people that I worked with were very friendly and provided a warm and calm atmosphere in the workplace.

"They treated me well as if I was one of the employees working at Oval, giving me tasks that they would normally do and providing help when I needed it. Another reason I enjoyed working there was the job itself. There was always a task to keep me busy, whether it was something minor that needed to be done or a major project. The most enjoyable part of working at Oval, for me, was going through the different stages of tasks/projects that needed to be done.

"I have taken away quite a few things from my placement. Firstly, the experience of actually working for a business. Also, from working at Oval, I have boosted my communication skills. I realised how vital it is to have good communication in a business in order to pass a message along. However, it is also important to have good listening skills too. Last of all, I also learned that time management is essential in getting the work done" said Millie.

"Millie was an absolute treasure," explained Valerie Wallace Burrows, the Facilities Manager at Oval Insurance Broking's Coventry office.

"On her first day I gave her questions to ask certain people in the team. She was confident enough to search out those people and sit with them to discuss their particular job. She has a very mature attitude and could be relied upon to do an excellent job in whatever she was asked to do.

During her time with us, I gave Millie two projects to do which other staff had had to set aside due to other work commitments. She finished both of these ahead of time and, in her own words, felt "a huge sense of achievement" in completing them.

She was always very helpful and friendly and is an absolute credit to her school."

"It's fantastic to see an increase in the number of employers that support this worthwhile activity," explained Caspar Bartington, the CII's Relationship Manager for Education.

"The programme gives companies and students the opportunity to develop new skills and it also helps put a face to a profession that people can see as anonymous."

The CII has been a strategic partner of Career Academies since 2009 and I take an active role by chairing a Hackney school's Local Advisory Board. It is a useful and rewarding job to do."

Career Academies gives employers four ways to engage with their local school or college:

  • Mentoring (Partner in Business)
  • Site visits
  • Guest lectures
  • Summer placements

To find out how you or your company can get involved, email

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