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The sky's the limit - 100 years on from the first successful parachute jump

The sky's the limit - 100 years on from the first successful parachute jump In March 1912, Captain Albert Berry made the first ever successful parachute jump from a powered aeroplane.   Rather than being attached to the parachute by a harness Berry was seated on a trapeze bar. 

Newspaper accounts from 1912 said Berry reached Jefferson Barracks, Missouri  in "only 20 minutes" at about 55 mph.   Berry slipped into a parachute harness, climbed down from the cockpit area to the axle and dangled before letting go. The parachute, stored in a cone-shaped case beneath the wing, pulled free behind him.

Now, in its centenary year, the world of parachuting is very different.  For one,  parachute enthusiasts rely on much more than a trapeze bar and there are varying forms of jumps that take place all over the world; free flying, night jumps, and pond swooping to name a few.

A high adrenaline sport, it won't come as a surprise to know that a key priority for practising jumpers is insurance.  Insurers know this too and one Insurer has their very own website dedicated to it. 

Sky Cover is a trading name of Towergate Underwriting.  Whilst parachuting has a good safety record, Sky Cover recognises that you are still jumping out of a plane!  So, as well as providing cover in case anything goes wrong, the website also provides lots of useful tips to help you make the most of your experience, and provides you with a peace of mind  that we're sure Mr Berry would have appreciated 100 years ago.  

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