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Butcher insurers his taste buds for £1 million!

Butcher insurers his taste buds for £1 million! Celebrities have previously insured everything from their legs to smiles (click here to find out more) but one master butcher has proved he is a cut above the rest - as he prepares to have his taste buds insured for £1 million.

Keith Fisher is a master butcher from Leighton Buzzard who has been responsible for distinguishing more than 50, 000 cuts and cures of pork in a career spanning four decades. 

Mr Fisher's palate is widely considered to be the best in the business and means he can identify any variety or cure of pork in the world.  

The 61 year old said, "My ability to taste the subtleties in different producers' bacon has stood me in very good stead over the years and has proven to be critically important when it comes to judging the best of the best."

Mr Fisher is soon to be the head judge of a national bacon award competition; as such it is important that his prize asset is protected.

Mr Taylor is not the first person to have his taste buds insured.  Click here to read about Julie Booth, the Head of Taste at the New York Bakery Co.

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