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Bluefin take Apprenticeships to a higher level

Bluefin take Apprenticeships to a higher level You may not have heard of Bluefin, but they are one of the best-established companies in the insurance sector for Apprenticeships. In fact, they've won several awards for their Apprenticeship programme, which is available around the country.

Bluefin are also among the first wave of companies to offer the new Level 4 Higher Apprenticeship in Insurance, which contains the globally-recognised CII Diploma in Insurance.

Here is Kyle's story.

"I have been an employee of Bluefin since October 2013.

"My biggest reason for choosing a Higher Apprenticeship over a degree at university was the work and life experience that it can provide.

"In today's work climate getting a job as an 18-24 year old is incredibly difficult and the number of university students finishing their degrees and not finding a job is on the rise.

"This job not only guaranteed me work in a professional working environment but also gave me a huge opportunity to develop my professional career. It gives me a lot of potential to move up the company and the industry as a whole as it also incorporates an Apprenticeship. This means that I can train as I work and have continued support as I work towards my CII Diploma in Insurance.

"Working full-time and balancing that with other personal commitments has also allowed me to grow as an individual, pushing me to mature and develop.

"Of course there are many other reasons to recommend the Apprenticeship - including the fact that I can earn while I learn and I also have no university debt hanging over me.

"Since joining Bluefin I have already passed the Customer Service exam which has enhanced and consolidated my communication and interpersonal skills that are helping my daily interactions with our clients.

"I have been given plenty of support and guidance not just from my tutors from Skills Solutions and my mentors at Bluefin but also by the company as a whole as all my colleagues are more than willing to help me with any issues, answer any questions and just as importantly, treat me with due respect and just ask how it's all going.

"In my role I have been able to proceed from simple tasks and general administration of clients' work to client contact and now I am beginning formal training for my own work split of clients that begins in April 2014, which has been a quick progression for an apprentice.

"Overall, this has been an extremely rewarding experience and one that I would be more than happy to recommend to anyone thinking of a vibrant career in a professional friendly environment."

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